Overdraft (PBS Documentary)

‘Among the Voices’ Overdraft Trailer

Overdraft is a one-hour documentary for PBS stations. It presents a broad explanation of America’s federal debt and the choices Americans will have to make to fix it. This film describes the connections, opportunities, and consequences of debt at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Overdraft includes interviews with prominent leaders in government, economics, and journalism alongside stories of citizens from across the country who must cope with the consequences – and sometimes invisible hand – of America’s debt. In the end, viewers are left with choices to change a gloomy forecast.

The ‘Among the Voices’ trailer offers a sampling of the professional perspectives featured in “Overdraft”.

Overdraft, a one-hour documentary for PBS stations, illustrates the connections between fiscal challenges at federal, state, and local levels of government.

‘Prescription Failure’ profiles Tom Miller, a pharmacist from Marion, Illinois, who lost his business because the state of Illinois failed to keep its commitment. Miller’s story is one of several featured in Overdraft, showing how the choices Americans make about their leaders and their debt are real, personal, and immediate.

For more information, contact Lisa Corum at lisa@susiefilms.com.

Produced by Susie Films
Major Funding by The Travelers Institute
Presented to PBS stations by WTVI Charlotte

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One thought on “Overdraft (PBS Documentary)

  1. Yesterday they were screening ‘Among the Voices’ on Yes-Docu Israeli channel. I just wanted to say to you, that the movie is amazing. Great interviews, awesome shooting. The movie gives a deep perspective on the economy systems (not only in USA) and is very relevant particularly for Israel – at this time when many people observe the disadvantages of their economic systems, but not everyone has the confidence to admit the facts or to formulate them properly. Bless you for the great job and let’s hope the good changes will come soon.

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